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Monday, June 13th, 2011
4:55 pm
Where the hell am I?
In the admittedly unlikely event that someone is still following this livejournal, I suppose I should mention that I've started a new tumblr blog, Andrew Foley Continues to Write Things, My intention with that blog is to keep the discussion focused on stuff that's related in some way to my so-called "writing career": writing, comics, Hollywood, movies, TV, and so on. Utter nonsense interspersed with political commentary, condemnation of the a-holes that royally #*%&ed my roof up for 18 thousand dollars (Edmonton's Amcor Roofing), and the occasional personal note will continue to spew forth on my twitter account, @TheAndrewFoley. If I end up feeling the need to write something more personal, as I did the last time I was around these parts for any length of time, I might end up posting something here, but given the last year and a half, I wouldn't count on it.

Thanks for whatever attention you gave this little LJ over the years, and I hope to see you around.

Big sloppy hugs,

EDIT: Apparently an earlier version of this post linked to a logged-in user version of "Continues". Hopefully the new url in the link will take you where I want it to.
Thursday, November 11th, 2010
11:24 am
This conversation probably never happened
Jim Lee: So here's a thought: why don't we kick Gail Simone off a book she clearly loves and prevent all but one of our creators from using Superman in the DC Universe continuity, especially the guy we've got lined up to take over Action Comics, and let fan-favourite JM Straczynski take Supes and Wonder Woman to new heights?

Dan Didio: By new heights, do you mean completely ignoring and/or needlessly changing everything about the characters that has made them pop culture icons for decades?

Lee: Yeah! Like he did with Spider-Man!

Didio: I love this. LOVE. IT. I've only got one tweak I'd like to make.

Lee: Lay it on me, Danny-baby.

Didio: Let's let JMS start long-term storylines featuring these, these--

Lee: All-Star Batman'd.

Didio: --these All-Star Batman'd versions of the characters, and solicit the books before we're sure we can produce them on anything resembling a monthly schedule--

Lee: That kinda goes without saying, doesn't it...?

Didio: No, I haven't got to the best part yet--We let him do this, start these major, history-making, character-enhancing storylines, and then, you're gonna love this--then we encourage him to leave the titles in MID-STORYLINE to work on something that'll stroke his ego even more than writing two of the best known franchises known to man and replace him with writers nobody cares about. Someone like JT Krul.

Lee: He still hasn't given you the negatives, huh?

Didio: By hook or by crook, I'm gonna get those pictures, and when I do, so help me...

Lee: I'm not big on the Krul thing. Shouldn't we use someone 98% of our loyal readership doesn't loathe? Someone who knows how to write a solid, entertaining comic?

Geoff Johns (walking in): You need someone to write something? I've got a few minutes. I mean, I need to go to the bathroom, but I could hold it in until you tell me what you need--

Didio & Lee: Shut up, Geoff.

Geoff Johns: Whatever you want, guys. You all doing OK, don't need anything? Water? Diet Coke? No? OK, if you need me I'll be in the can writing another episode of Smallville!

(Johns leaves)

Lee: How someone like that managed to make Green Lantern seem cool, I'll never know.

Didio: OK, back to Superman and Wonder Woman. So we don't use JT. What about Phil Hester?

Lee: Yeah, him or maybe that Roberson kid.

Didio: Well, JMS is going to be abandoning two of our three flagship characters' titles mid-storyline-- (shivers with pleasure) --Why just throw one writer to the wolves when we can poison the longtime career dreams of two?

Lee: My god.

Didio: I know, right?

Lee and Didio: WE'RE #@%&ING BRILLIANT!


Nope. I just do not understand how this was allowed to happen. Good luck to Phil Hester and Chris Roberson, though. They've both got tough rows to hoe.


Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
10:10 pm
Some paintings from a couple months back

1. Me and Tiina, painted fast

2. Portrait of T. She likes it because it "makes me look sinister."

3. An experiment inspired by a Degas painting I saw at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

4. Portrait of Cevyn-My-Niece

5. Detail from a portrait of Cevyn-My-Niece

6. A different detail from same

7. Surprisingly, I actually finished the second painting I started after resuming painting in January.

Thursday, July 15th, 2010
11:00 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 12:04 Once I liked people in general, it was just the specifics got me down. These days, a select few specifics are all that keep me going. #
  • 17:22 Today feels like a Friday and smells like a Monday. #
  • 19:48 I have no idea if @mtaibbi's comments on George Steinbrenner and the American psyche are accurate or just funny. bit.ly/arDZ0y #
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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
11:00 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 13:29 @TiredFairy Funny. I look at everything I don't have to do this week and want to cry. Is IDW going to have a booth presence in SD this year? #
  • 13:30 @brianwood Only REAL men. #
  • 13:33 It is pouring rain outside. I'm not sure whether this means I believe in or doubt global warning today. Definitely one or the other... #
  • 13:34 I hate this time of year. I feel lousy about not going to SD for two weeks, right up till it's happening. Then I'm full of joy... #
  • 13:35 ...Or, when the hand's on the other foot, I could be looking forward to going to SD, then be miserable the entire time I'm actually there... #
  • 13:36 ...in San Diego, as in so many things, I just cannot win.
    Yet. Next year, though ... Next year... #
  • 13:38 That reminds me, I've got to e-mail someone about a San Diego thing I won't be able to attend. #
  • 14:02 @RaeBeta Don't know why, but stuff like this always makes me feel better about my writing career. slushpilehell.tumblr.com/ #
  • 14:07 slushpilehell.tumblr.com/ is awesome! "Greetings agent. I have written the most important book on earth." #
  • 16:41 This just in: The North Iowa Tea Party? Yeah, they're morons. bit.ly/bBYHBt #
  • 16:54 This just in: GOP leadership supports tax cuts for the rich, against extending unemployment benefits for poor. bit.ly/b8KZ31 #oldnews #
  • 16:56 Also, Mitch McConnell still looks like a turtle. An amoral, vile turtle. #SaysTheGuyWhoLooksLikeaStackOfFlapjacks #
  • 21:32 Next Tuesday, I drink a radioactive milkshake. I'm sure that'll make my stomach feel MUCH better. #
  • 21:34 "...apes, like humans, will hit a playmate then run in order to try to get away with the upper hand." -Science Daily #
  • 21:37 "Destroy! Destroy, jack!" -Shirley Pimple #
  • 23:13 Can't decide if I'm vain enough to wax my back. Probably won't. It's not like *I* have to look at it. #
  • 23:14 Is it possible to wax one's nostrils? Because that I might be something I'd be interested in. #
  • 23:15 What about the face, can you wax that? I really, really hate shaving. Ask anyone who's seen me over the last 20 years, they'll tell you. #
  • 23:23 This just in: MO GOP congress candidate Ed Martin is a--wait, didn't I just call him a moron last night? #yesyesIdid bit.ly/cGI00S #
  • 23:29 Just in: #MOron Ed Martin claims Obama "wants to crush his enemies, see us driven before him, and to hear the lamentation of our women." #
  • 23:30 Because he's from Missouri and he's a moron. Get it? Get it? #hahahaha #ImWitty #
  • 23:33 1/3 (I think 3, anyway) MOron GOP Congress candidate Ed Martin: "America is great because it is a free place with free space... #
  • 23:34 2/3 ...where people can choose to be whatever they want." Esp. if they want to be screwed over by health insurance companies. #
  • 23:34 3/3 Nope, only needed 2 for that one. #
  • 23:45 bit.ly/a1aaxC Reaction #1: "That's awful." Reaction #2: "Talk about burying the lede..." I'm not proud of myself, but there it is. #
  • 23:54 I want as roomba. I also want someone to create an abortion pill called a woomba. #
  • 00:04 If I ever get to write an issue of the Fantastic Four, you can believe it will feature a Doomba cleaning up Latverian homes. #
  • 00:06 The next iteration of the roomba will clean much faster. It should be called the zoomba, but it won't because people suck. #
  • 00:08 Sick of cleaning dead cows out of your barn? Relax and have a beer while the moomba does it for you, you alcoholic redneck hick! #
  • 00:09 King Tut's "final resting place" would've been a lot cleaner if the ancient Egyptians had invented the toomba. #
  • 00:10 In the year 2019, people have robots to clean their shoes. These robots are called footwear roombas because even in 2019, people suck. #
  • 00:13 Palestinians! Are you sick and tired of NO. Nononono, not going there, just not gonna do it. #
  • 00:18 Blah blah blah blah stewmba. #goodnight #
  • 11:52 @adampknave Oh man. Am I the only one who looks at Odin's armour and flashes on Roger Corman's Dr. Doom? It seems very...plastic/not metal. #
  • 11:56 Some days I look at humanity and despair. I can't even get a laugh out of these morons anymore. bit.ly/9WGzNN #
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Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
11:01 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 19:26 American Batman. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:26 Err, the last tweet was supposed to be a play on American Beauty, as opposed to American Pie or any other American blank movies. #
  • 19:27 David Lynch's Batman Empire. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:28 10 Batmen. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:28 The Batman Club. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:29 Batman. #movieswithBatman #sorry #
  • 19:30 The Girl With the Batman Tattoo. The Girl Who Played with Batman. #FOREIGNmovieswithBatman #
  • 19:33 Die Hard with a Batman. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:34 They Call Me Bruce. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:35 Wayneheart. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:37 I, Batman. #weakmoviesbasedonAsimovshortstorieswithBatman #
  • 19:39 The Hard Wayne. #movieswithBatman #
  • 19:50 Far and A Wayne. #movieswithBatman #
  • 21:03 New #TheGoodGuys tonight. I'd do a joyful dance, if only it didn't require effort. #
  • 21:08 Andrew Foley: He's not an indolent slacker, he's just making sure he's ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. #AndrewFoleyis #
  • 21:22 It's a Batman Batman Batman Batman World. #movieswithBatman #
  • 01:20 This just in: Missouri Republican Congressional candidate Ed Martin is a moron. bit.ly/aGkzC2 #
  • 11:42 If everyone in the world wore bright red suspenders, what an awesome and terrifying world it would be. #
  • 11:48 I once killed a squad of Iraqi al-Qaida members trying to blow up an Air France jet with my bare hands. Vote for me. #
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Monday, July 12th, 2010
11:00 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 21:37 RT @josephdee: If you assemble with a political message, you're under arrest. If you assemble to celebrate sports, have at it. #
  • 21:38 Sparking and giving off acrid smoke. #ThingsIWishMyMicrowaveWouldStopDoingNow #
  • 00:05 @edbrisson I'm so sorry to hear that. Got my fingers crossed Farley pulls through. #
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Sunday, July 11th, 2010
11:00 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 11:50 My "get up and go" got up, shot me with a tranquilizer dart and went back to bed. #

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Saturday, July 10th, 2010
11:01 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 17:59 @TiredFairy I really hope that was the cat walking on the keyboard... #
  • 18:15 @TiredFairy The bright side: Plausible deniability. "That guy hit me in the head with a bat!" "Nonono, that a different stormtrooper..." #
  • 18:29 @TiredFairy Well at least the day's almost over...? #
  • 21:30 @fionastaples I have no idea what a marmot is, but now I want one. #
  • 23:38 RT @NateCosboom The more notes you receive on a project, the less personal it becomes. #
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Friday, July 9th, 2010
11:01 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 12:09 Apparently I reserved the film Kaspar Hauser at the library. I don't recall reserving it or have any idea why I would, but there it is. #
  • 09:10 Lebron who now? #
  • 09:50 Starting to think waking up three hours ago was not a great idea. It's an hour till I go to the shop and I've already had a long day. #zzzzz #
  • 10:06 Outside of The Daily Show and Colbert Report, Independence Day has REALLY #*%&ed with my television-viewing schedule this week. #
  • 10:07 And seeing as my primary method of keeping track of what day it is is based on what's on TV, my internal calendar's a shambles. #
  • 10:07 Or, to put it another way: GIVE ME A NEW EPISODE OF #THEGOODGUYS ALREADY. #
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Thursday, July 8th, 2010
11:01 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 15:33 @fredvanlente The Spamvengers: Wolverspam, Spider-Spam, Captain Spamerica, Luke Cage Power Spam, Iron Spam, and the Incredible Sporkules. #
  • 16:30 Curious as to the day-by-day difference between Assistant, Associate, Full, and Executive Editor jobs. #
  • 16:32 @TiredFairy The only thing I've ever found to relieves stress at SDCC is the consumption of so much alcohol you forget you're there... #
  • 16:34 Urk. Just realized what ought to be on page 12 is on page 25. Where's that chainsaw...? #
  • 17:56 @TiredFairy I haven't really drunk much in the last 5 years. Which is roughly how long it's been since I went to SDCC. Hmmm... #
  • 22:16 RT @ RaeBeta

    Paul the Octopus knows what evils lurk in the hearts of men. #
  • 23:53 @rayfawkes I'd buy one. #
  • 01:08 It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that this idea isn't a movie but a TV show. This is going to be a problem, I just know it. #
  • 09:53 @NateCosboom That isn't something you should be joking aboot, eh? #
  • 09:54 Next time a non-Canadian says "aboot" in reference to anything that isn't footwear, I'm going to say "It's pronounced 'about', dowshbag." #
  • 11:42 Andrew Foley: He's never pitched a spicy horror/dark comedy anthology series called NETHER REGIONS. But he'd like to. #AndrewFoleyIs #
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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
11:01 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 12:40 "Being a comic book artist is like sentencing yourself to life imprisonment at hard labor in solitary confinement." - Wally Wood #
  • 12:45 @javisoperandu Comic writers get to LIE around in pants. Now THAT's awesome. #
  • 12:48 INVADERS MUST DIE is the Prodigy album I've been waiting for ever since I heard Firestarter. #
  • 13:18 Wow, my jukebox really likes this Cult live CD. 200 discs on random shuffle and it gets played every 10 or so songs. #
  • 13:19 I'd do more karaoke if Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Public Image Ltd., and Pop Will Eat Itself were regular song options. #justsayin #
  • 13:19 Apparently I am feeling musicky today. #
  • 13:22 Hey everyone, follow #cowboysandaliens co-writer @fredvanlente already, willya? @NateCosboom's funnier when he talks about Burger King... #
  • 13:24 "Love should hurt, dammit!" - My wife, who I'm beginning to think reads a little too much Charlaine Harris in her spare time. #
  • 13:50 @NateCosboom Aw yeah. *That's* the stuff. #
  • 14:01 "James Hudnall’s [Wonder Woman op-ed] prompts us to ask for the 1000th time why feminism is always strident but never bombastic." -@Comixace #
  • 14:17 @TiredFairy Congratulations! What's your new title? #
  • 14:41 @fionastaples It doesn't look the way I think a jukebox should look, but it holds up to 300 CDs. Got it from Jay when he went iPod. #
  • 16:31 Is there a way to block foursquare tweets? My patience, it is wearing thin. Don't know why, but it really, really is. #
  • 17:23 @fionastaples Read a smattering of issues. Not my cup of tea, but then it really shouldn't be. #
  • 17:24 @shift9 If one absolutely must be filled with rage, potent is the kind you want. Impotent rage has gotten me absolutely nowhere. #
  • 19:06 @fionastaples Well in principle I'm glad it exists. It's just not for me. Why do you ask? #
  • 19:16 I want whoever attached the invisible bricks to my eyelids found and shot. #
  • 19:47 A must-read for aspiring comic creators: ow.ly/27omx (5 parts so far) - This crap happens A LOT in the comic field's lower echelons. #
  • 22:59 @fionastaples It'll be back. It always comes back... #
  • 10:25 @TiredFairy Heavy hangs the head that wears the editorial crown. Hope things improve in short order. #
  • 10:28 Little-known fact: @fredvanlente is the exiled prince of Vanlentis, an underwater kingdom of codpeople just off the coast of New Jersey. #
  • 10:32 Little-known fact: @kellytindall's dall is solid gold cleverly disguised as tin to mislead the feral prospectors roaming Montreal's streets. #
  • 10:33 Little-known fact: @RaeBeta actually became RaeAlpha after defeating the leader of her pack in a fatal chess match. She's just modest. #
  • 10:36 Little-known fact: @TheAndrewFoley is avoiding getting to work. Oh wait, everyone knows that. #
  • 10:38 @fredvanlente Avengers Atlantis: Namor, Stingray, a thinly-veiled Aquaman analogue and USAgent in an aqualung. #itcouldhappen #
  • 10:39 @fredvanlente Avengers X: Wolverine, Daken, X-23, Fantomex, and Deadpool. #
  • 10:41 @fredvanlente Astonishing Avengers: Wolverine, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Wolverine, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. #
  • 10:45 @fredvanlente Lunar Avengers: The Watcher, Crystal, Reed Richards in a space suit & Grey Phoenix, ghost of UXM #137's Phoenix. #andDeadpool #
  • 10:47 @fredvanlente Avenging Avengers: Scarlet Witch, Jack of Hearts, Hawkeye, and the Sentry secretly work together to ruin Brian Bendis' life. #
  • 10:49 @fredvanlente The ScAvengers: a team of refuse-themed superheroes I can't think of at the moment. Was Tatterdemalion a hero...? #wellheisnow #
  • 10:50 @fredvanlente Ultimate Aveng--oh wait. Never mind. #
  • 10:51 @fredvanlente And now, my legitimate best guess: Zombie Avengers. #
  • 11:25 "@TheAndrewFoley is added in post-production to provide natural, everyday sound effects to film and television." - @kellytindall #
  • 11:26 RT #RaeBeta Little known fact: @TheAndrewFoley can't move when you're looking directly at him. Blink, and you're dead. #
  • 11:31 @kellytindall Aaaand five minutes later the underlying foundation of what I once thought was simply a bit of surreal comedy dawns. #sotired #
  • 11:36 @fredvanlente The Disney Avengers: MarvelMickey, DarkDuck, and Captain Jack America take on the villainous heirs of A.A. Milne. #
  • 11:39 @fredvanlente Tried to find a Donald Bucky/Ducky Barnes joke for that last one, but Coke Zero levels were insufficient to pull it off. #
  • 11:40 @kellytindall At least you went with that rather than the Foley catheter, which is kinda gross... #
  • 11:42 @fredvanlente The Flamboyant Aveng--no. No. Take the high road, Foley, just walk away... #
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Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
11:00 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 12:42 @TiredFairy I suggest something with tentacles! #
  • 18:34 god, this day sucks. Grey and drizzly outside, too hot or too cold inside, stomach upset again...just couldn't seem to get going... #
  • 18:37 ...and on top of that, tonight's #TheGoodGuys is a repeat. This wasn't a day, it was a featureless grey blur. An Unday. Deep, deep sigh. #
  • 18:39 Mind racing like toxic sludge, seeking something, ANYthing to pique my interest. I may even watch "Hot in Cleveland". I'm THAT desperate. #
  • 22:23 @TiredFairy I really like the work you've done on the shoulder. It's all pretty nice, but the shoulder's my favourite part so far. #
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Monday, July 5th, 2010
11:00 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

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Sunday, July 4th, 2010
11:00 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 23:18 If more comics were like Evan Dorkin and @thejillthompson's BEASTS OF BURDEN, I'd be a lot poorer. It may be my favourite book of the year. #
  • 23:20 And I'm only a third of the way into it. Been a long time since a comic got me emotionally involved like this... #BeastsOfBurden #
  • 23:21 ...Being a pet owner helps, but that aside, it's just all-around good comics. #BeastsOfBurden #
  • 23:25 HHV1 still had a copy when I left this evening. 21 dollars for 160 oversize, full-colour, *gorgeous* pages. #YouWantToBuy #BeastsOfBurden #
  • 09:48 @HEATcomic It's pretty much everything that's been done with the characters so far: the mini + several short stories from anthologies. #
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Friday, July 2nd, 2010
11:18 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 22:14 @chrisarrant Oh fantastic. That makes me feel just greaaat... ;) (actually comics-wise things are looking better for me every day. Finally.) #
  • 22:16 @chrisarrant I don't think I've ever even heard of Paramount, Music, or M Age... #
  • 23:09 I want to dye my hair blue. #
  • 23:48 Hey Americans! Are you taking Friday, Monday, both, or neither off? #
  • 00:26 @KatzMoney A lot of stuff in that movie creeped me out, even with the numerous unfortunate acting choices. Fantastic sound design. #
  • 00:47 Sinuses have started throbbing like ... something that throbs mightily. Yeah, I read that last sentence and I know: Time for bed. #GoodNight #
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Thursday, July 1st, 2010
11:06 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 14:06 @TiredFairy Not when their sleeves are rolled up. Like the pants, hate the jacket, and none of it matters if the writing's good. #
  • 14:07 @TiredFairy The '90s are back in fashion now? Crap! I wasn't fashionable during the '90s and now my stylistic sensibility's been lapped. #
  • 14:11 Kid Drew says "YOU WANT TO BUY THESE.": 1) @FionaStaples' issue of @BrianWoods' NORTHLANDERS. 2) @thejillthompson's BEASTS OF BURDEN HC. #
  • 16:38 Kid Drew says "Like fantasy? YOU WANT TO BUY THIS." RT@TiredFairy Last Unicorn #2 in stores today! Mommy Fortuna's Carnival is unbelievable! #
  • 17:05 @TiredFairy Seconded. Especially if they're Walt Simonson explosions. #
  • 22:21 I AM THE LEOPARD KING! Rarr. #
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
11:09 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 14:09 This just in: Wannabe Nevada senator Sharron Angle still bat$#!& insane. And indescribably callous. j.mp/aaEMPS (via @ebertchicago) #
  • 18:30 Day 4 of: upset stomach, headache, physically drained (OK, nothing new there), irritated eyes, scratchy throat. Allergies or illness? #
  • 20:29 "Thunderstorm", "Severe thunderstorm", Potayto, Puhtahto. #
  • 21:24 @incogvito Because as iconic as it is, it's just a stupid costume for someone who regularly gets into fights that level city blocks? ... #
  • 21:25 @incogvito ...That's not to say I believe they SHOULD change it. I don't think that, actually... #
  • 21:26 @incogvito ...but I can see why they might want to. Also, I doubt the comic goes 5 issues post-JMS before she's back in her bathing suit. #
  • 21:29 @adampknave Me neither, really, but then I didn't think we'd have to wait till JMS was gone to ignore the whole Spider-totem thing either... #
  • 21:29 @adampknave ...so I hedged my bets a little. #
  • 21:40 @adampknave I was wondering the same thing about the blatant copying of the Phantom's "jewelry that leaves a mark on your victim" schtick... #
  • 23:40 @adampknave Huh. The Spider predates The Phantom by three years. I've learned something today. #
  • 00:25 Shouldn't write emails while the pills are kicking in. But when they aren't, I need to write stuff that might bring in some income. #dilemma #
  • 00:29 Your eyelids are getting heavy... You are feeling sleepy... Sleeeeepy... Wait, that's not you. #goodnight #
  • 11:30 @RaeBeta Look on the bright side. Sometimes I'm seriously tempted to just pull the trigger and officially change my last name to "Folly". #
  • 11:32 TO Police Chief Blair has a message for anyone questioning the cops' G20 actions: "#*%& you, criminal-loving scum." bit.ly/8Ycdca #
  • 11:35 h/t on the last post to @Comics212 and @MisterMcLaren. 30 seconds online and I'm already pissed off. That was FAST... #
  • 11:37 @ebertchicago Presumably the next sequel will be called "Final De6nation", working their way up to "Final Des10ation." #
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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
11:05 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 18:20 It's always nice when people you're afraid are mad at you aren't mad at you. Less nice: being afraid EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER MET is mad at you. #

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Monday, June 28th, 2010
11:03 am
Andrew Foley has a Twitter account? May God have mercy on us all.

  • 20:55 Tiina gushes over the first episode of True Blood S3 while exploring the possibilities of her iBook's built-in camera: bit.ly/9xk0gs #
  • 20:56 "Your story is better than mine." - Me to Marc Saxton, whose story really was better than mine. #
  • 20:57 Make supper, paint, or exercise? Decisions decisions. #
  • 20:59 Flashback to the distant past during/after @Marty_Chan's reading at epl this aft. Not a lot of people remember Dreamquest. #
  • 21:02 Also learned some things about the world of the playwright this time out. Better crowd participation than usual. More pointed questions.#yeg #
  • 21:02 Still not sure about this "leaving the house" thing, though. It feels...sticky...? #
  • 01:22 Heartburn. Yuck. #
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